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Sory sa mnga ngyari sana pasyal pdin kau s site.active k pdin pra at lease maalala nyo pdin ung dati samahan ntin.engat n lng lage mnga tol and sis.

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 Jonathan Kane The Protector GOW

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PostSubject: Jonathan Kane The Protector GOW   Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:31 am

Jonathan Kane The Protector GOW

Well, just by reading the title one could assume it’s about another low-budget game. At least it looks like – unknown studio, small file size (compared to other “bigger” titles), predictable story… But you never know – even those kind of games could surprise you…

Description: Hired to protect Jennifer is elite British mercenary Jonathan Kane. Hunted by Scarlet Vengeance, Kane and Jennifer must combine their skills to stay one step ahead of their enemies and destroy the artifact before it falls into the terrorists’ hands.

Packed with action, suspense, intrigue, love and betrayal, Jonathan Kane: The Protector is a searing first-person shooter featuring intense, visceral fire-fights combined with stunning stealth interludes. When faced with a menace like the terrorist group, Scarlet Vengeance, you are the planet’s only hope for survival! The thrilling plot unravels through eye-popping in-game and cinematic cutscenes that immerse you in a living, breathing world where danger lurks around every corner.


Play as both Jonathan Kane – a hardened British mercenary and former MI6 agent trained in counter-terrorist tactics – and Jennifer Guile – a beautiful and wily US archaeologist.
Two distinct gameplay modes – searing, tactical shooting action (Kane) and tense, stealth sections (Jennifer).
Use your environment to hide and take cover. Enter into third-person mode when in cover to acquire a better overview of your surroundings. Lean out from behind cover to engage your enemies with minimal exposure. Blind fire around corners when severely pinned down.
Superb world physics where objects are splintered, shattered and sent flying by barrages of bullets and explosions, creating massively believable battlefields. The player can even shoot enemies – and be shot – through thin walls, adding a further tactical element.
Enemies intelligently seek out and utilize cover – just like you.
And more…

Recommended System Req

Pentium 4, 3 GHz class processor
1 GB RAM for Windows XP, 2 GB Ram for Windows Vista
Sound card supporting 3D sound
512 MB nVidia 8800 GT graphics card or better

Size: 1.67 GB





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Jonathan Kane The Protector GOW
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